Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Here’s how to install Fire Stick apps that don’t seem to be on hand on Amazon. Fire TV Stick apps that are not reachable on Amazon want to be sideloaded or hooked up from a third-party source. The Fire Stick runs Android, so in theory, you can sideload nearly any Android app, simply as you can on your telephone or tablet.

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With this capability, you can run Kodi, an internet browser, a podcast player, or a VPN on your Fire Stick. In this guide, we are going to take a seem at the exceptional methods to add apps to your Fire Stick.

Set Up Your Fire TV Stick for Sideloading


First matters first: earlier than you start, make certain you’ve got to study our introduction to the Amazon Fire Stick. Then, you will want to alternate a couple of settings on your Fire TV Stick.

Power on your Stick and navigate your way to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer options. Set thHow to Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick preferences for ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources to ON.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Press the Back button on your far-off and choose Device > About > Network. You’ll see the IP Address of your Fire Stick listed in the right-hand column. Make an observation of this for later.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Sideload Apps Using an Android Phone

The quickest way to set up apps on a Fire Stick is with an Android cellphone or tablet. Apps2Fire, a free app from the Play Store, simplifies the procedure down to simply a few taps.

Crucially, it additionally allows you to install apps from the Play Store itself, as a substitute for having to tune down APK documents from the difficult-to-understand corners of the web.


Download: Apps2Fire (Free)

Install Apps via Apps2Fire

Install Apps2Fire on your phone. While you are at it, install all the apps you desire to switch to your Fire Stick, if you do not already have them on your phone.

In Apps2Fire, go to the Setup tab and enter the IP tackle you stated from your Fire Stick, then faucet Save. The app will now join the Stick. You may be induced to receive an incoming connection on your Fire Stick. If so, the faucet is OK.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Swipe through to Local Apps. What you may see right here is a listing of all the apps established on your phone. You can reproduce any of these across. Find the app you favor to put on your Fire Stick, faucet on it, then pick out Install.
Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick
Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

The app will commence importing wirelessly. It may also take a few minutes, in particular, if it is a massive app. Keep your smartphone conscious till it is done.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Once the ad reaches one hundred percent, there will be a lengthening of any other few seconds whilst the app robotically installs. When it is finished, you may be alerted on your telephone and your TV.
Back on your Fire Stick, keep the Home button, and pick Apps. You need to now see your newly-installed app listed here. Just click on it to launch.

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Sideload Apps Without an Android Phone

If you do not have an Android cellphone on hand, you can nonetheless sideload apps to your Fire Stick with the use of the ADB sideload command thru the Android software program improvement kit. The method is nevertheless wireless, however, it is greater difficult. Fortunately, you do not want to root your Fire Stick to do it.

It requires the use of the command line, and you additionally have to supply the APK archives (the Android apps) from someplace different than the Play Store.

Download the SDK Platform Tools from the Android developer website. It’s accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and consists of the all-important ADB tool. Check out our full guide to setting up and using ADB for an introduction.

Once you’ve got downloaded it, launch the Command Prompt on Windows, or Terminal on a Mac or Linux machine. You want to alternate the root listing to factor to the folder the place the ADB device is stored.

Do this with the aid of typing cd [path to platform-tools folder].

Now kind adb join [IP address], the place the IP tackle is the one you cited from your Fire Stick.

On macOS and Linux, the instructions want to be preceded through “./” except for citation marks. For example, you would kind “./adb join” barring citation marks. You ought to now see a message confirming that it is connected.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick
To deploy an app, kind adb deploy [path to android app.apk]. You must see a message pronouncing the app is being uploaded, observed via a message of success. You can now launch the app on your Fire Stick.
Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Uninstall Sideloaded Apps

There are two approaches to deleting apps on your Fire Stick.

If you’ve got used the Apps2Fire method, then you can control your hooked-up apps there. Just faucet on one and pick out Uninstall from the dialog field that opens.

Alternatively, you can uninstall apps on the Fire TV Stick itself. Hold down the Home button to see the Apps icon, then pick it to view all your setup apps. Highlight the one you prefer to remove, hit the Menu button on your remote, then pick Uninstall.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Fire Stick Apps You Need to Install

So now you be aware of how to sideload Fire Stick apps. But which apps are worth installing?

Not every app works. Those that remember Google’s Play Services framework won’t, and extra superior video games will hit the hardware limits of the Fire Stick. Also, apps designed to run solely in portrait mode do not appear so suitable on a TV.

Sideload Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Often it is a case of trial and error to locate what works and what doesn’t. Some apps require a mouse to be right usable. In this case, the paid app Mouse Toggle for Fire TV can add the characteristic to your remote.

For starters, we recommend:

Want even more? We’ve picked out some essential apps to install on your Fire Stick. From VLC and Kodi to information and radio, there may be something right here for everyone.

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