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The Best IPTV Apps for Google Chromecast in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is becoming popular for watching live TV online. Streaming devices such as Google Chromecast make watching IPTV content on your television easier than ever. This post will examine some of the best IPTV apps for Google Chromecast in 2024.

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TiviMate IPTV Player

TiviMate is one of the top IPTV apps for Google Chromecast and Android TV. It has over 4.0 stars, 4.75K reviews, and over 1 million downloads. It has a fast and user-friendly interface similar to Android TV’s Live Channels app.

TiviMate provides a variety of features, including:

Main Features: 

  • Its modern user experience is optimised for large screens.
  • Support for numerous playlists.
  • Scheduled TV guide update with favourite networks.
  • Catch-up
  • Search

You may download it from Google Play: Tivimate download.

Note: Tivimate is not available for Android phones. You can’t cast from it because it can’t be installed on your phone; this works with Google TV. If you wish to cast from your phone, try the following apps.

IPTV Smarters Pro (Recommended)

IPTV Smarters Pro, the best iptv app, is noted for its user-friendliness and ease of setup. Its unique feature of streaming material directly to Google Chromecast makes it an excellent choice for IPTV viewing on your television.

  • This software is highly recommended because it is compatible with any device, regardless of operating system.
  • IPTV Smarters Pro includes features such as catch-up TV, parental controls, and multi-device support despite being fully free.
  • The app is unavailable on Google Play but may be downloaded directly from their official website.
  • A premium version with more features is free to download from this page.

You may download it from Google Play: IPTV Smarters Pro.

Sparkle TV – IPTV Player

Sparkle TV lets you stream live TV from your IPTV provider to Google TV devices. It works with various formats, including m3u, xtream codes, xmltv, and even over-the-air antennas that employ Jellyfin or HDHomeRun.

Here are some of Sparkle TV’s primary features:

  • Custom Categories: Create and manage your channels’ custom categories.
  • You can add many channels to your favourites or categories at once.
  • To control the channel, drag and drop “All channels” and “Favourites.”
  • Configuration: Change the channel number to the index.
  • Modify the programme preview and visual dimensions.
  • Display the options for recording a series.
  • In the source, configure the user agent.
  • Turn off the future series episode’s autostart.
  • Playlist Compatibility: Supports “cuid” playlists.
  • Better qualities include a better source and preview for Stalker.
  • Stability: Increased stability and performance.

You may download Sparkle TV from Google Play.

PVR Live

PVR Live is designed for Android TV-capable devices. It lets you record and watch live television from various sources, including PVRs, TVheadend, IPTV, HDHomeRun, and Enigma2. It can function as a multiroom client for your TV server or an extension for your set-top box. It’s the best app for iptv.

  1. PVR Live provides no channels, sources, or content. All content must be uploaded lawfully.
  2. The Live TV Addon allows for integration with Android TV’s live channels.
  3. Programming Guide (EPG): Displays programme images and logotypes.
  4. Channel Management features favourites, bouquets, and tags.
  5. It can handle Teletext, cc, dvbsub, and multiple audio tracks with subtitles.
  6. Support for Multiple Languages: Available in various languages.
  7. Timeshift lets you play and pause live broadcasts.
  8. DVR: Plan and examine previously recorded shows and films.
  9. Multiview: View multiple streams at once.
  10. VOD includes films, TV series, and catch-up entertainment.
  11. The home screen integration includes “Play Next,” recently viewed channels, and recorded programming.

Several Sources:

  • DVBLink (6.x+) – DVBViewer (Recording Services/Media Server)
  • Enigma 2 (VU+, Dreambox, and more)
  • HDHomeRun (with Storage Engine for server-side Timeshift)
  • Jellyfin – Playlist/IPTV (m3u/m3u8, xmltv)
  • Stalker Portal – Tvheadend (v4.2+)
  • Tvheadend HTSP (api 24-plus)
  • TVMosaic – Xtream Codes API and IPTV

IPTV Apps for Google Chromecast users

We propose IPTV Smarters Pro to clients that use Chromecast devices. It’s great for casting, simple to use, and full of functions. That’s why it’s our #1 pick among the best free iptv app we recommend.

Summary: IPTV Apps for Google Chromecast

In 2024, TiviMate, IPTV Smarters, Sparkle TV, and PVR Live are the top IPTV apps for Google Chromecast. Each app has features and perks, so select the one that best meets your requirements and tastes. Enjoy a flawless IPTV experience with your Google Chromecast! Using the finest IPTV apps for Google Chromecast will improve your viewing experience and maximise IPTV’s benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best IPTV Apps for Google Chromecast 2024?

IPTV UK is a popular IPTV app for Google Chromecast because of its easy-to-use design and reliable streaming capabilities. It offers over 24,000 live TV stations worldwide and 150,000+ on-demand programming to suit various preferences.

Can you get IPTV on Google TV?

IPTV UK offers over 20,000 live TV channels, making it a top choice among IPTV services. It caters to a diversified audience by providing a wide selection of adult content, 24/7 channels, and a vast archive of films and television episodes.

What is the number one rated IPTV?

IPTV UK has more than 20,000 live TV channels and is one of the best packages available. It offers a huge library of films and TV shows, a variety of adult content, and channels available around the clock to appeal to a diverse audience.

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